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Using the "Open Capo" Method
The "Open Capo" Method was developed to help guitarists create an open sound with very little effort.   After while I began to use this capo method with standard tuning and found that it gave a great open sound for many different chords and many different keys.  I began using it on stage as well as cutting them for my students.  Because it was like have three extra fingers, my students could focus on their strumming and not as much on fingering the chords.  For certain keys (like the key of B), it allows you to give an open sound with relative ease.  Here are some of my discoveries about each of the capo positions before you begin using and going over the chords.

Capo position 3rd fret: Key of G
All beginners should start here.  Allows you to play the G with only one finger plus allows you to play chords in the standard “E” position for variety as well

Capo position 1st fret: Key of F
This position allows you a very unique sound, creates an F2 with ease.  Songs you have played in the key of E take on whole different feel.  Even an open strum will give you Am7 making it great for some finger picking higher upon on the neck!

Capo position 4th fret: Key of G#
This is my favorite position!  You will have a very strange but interesting sound with the G#6

Capo position 5th fret: Key of A
This positioning keeps the A chords very open and works great when you are working with a bass player who can hit those bass notes that you will not be hitting!

Capo position 7th fret: Key of B
You may need to adjust your tuning at this point (though I would recommend always checking regardless of your positioning).  Now in the key of B you can get the open sound with ease that was once impossible otherwise.

Capo position 8th fret: Key of C
Without the open capo, getting the open sound in this key was very difficult.  This position will give you a lot of variety and much room for creativity.

Capo position 10th fret: Key of D
Playing around in Bm gives a different effect

Open Capo can be used to bring DADGAD back to standard tuning!
If you play in DADGAD use the open capo to bring this alternate tuning back to standard.  Works best when you play in the key of E

For info on the spider capo go to  This new capo works well with the open capo method.  You will need to remove three of the removable fingers on the capo for best results.  This capo works well for all capo variations.

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